Why Choose FCS


Our Safe Trading Service insures your delivery with a 7 day guarantee.


Choose your amount, submit your login details, and we take care of the rest.


Deliveries for all amounts are usually within 15 minutes.


We're open 24/7, ready to quickly deliver whenever you need us to be.


Your account details are never saved and are always deleted after every delivery.


You earn 5% cashback on every order and get discounts with our rewards system.

How It Works

Our Safe Trading Service helps you make profit through trading.

1. Login and Search
We log into your account and search the market for undervalued cards.
2. Find and Buy
When we find an undervalued card, we buy it.
3. Sell and Make Profit
We sell the card and you get to keep the profit.

You're only paying for the trading service itself and not for any coins.